The Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011 claimed many lives;

not only human lives but the lives of their beloved pets.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, goldfish were all lost.

The tragedy raises an important question: if they had been human lives, how many would have been saved?

Children's book artists and painters created portraits of pets lost in the earthquake and let

"the little lives" relive inside those paintings.

Over 150 paintings have been created so far for "Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake",

with 58 artists participated in Part I, and 97 artists in Part II.

The original art works were given to the pet owners after each exhibition. 

In Japan, pets are not allowed in evacuation sites.

Consequently, some owners chose to stay home with their pets and lost their lives.

Pets are important family members. No priority should be given to particular lives over others.

We cannot have true peace in our society until we treat animals with the respect and care they deserve. 

We are looking for hosting venues for “Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake”.

Number of pieces to display: 50 - 60

Size of each piece: appx. 250mm x 300mm

Exhibition dates:

"Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake III (originals)" … March - November, 2015

"Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake I & II (reproductions)" ... As occasion demands

Please contact us for more details.

For inquiries, please email:

"Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake"

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