We are accepting to hold a lecture meeting.

The topics of lecture are about “Precious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquake”,
fact and thought when I visited disaster area, preciousness of lives,
equality of lives, and so on. A lecture with movie by using PC and projector is possible upon request.

※The lecture is Japanese only. Please provide simultaneous interpreter on your side.

 - Commutation, accommodation: actual expenses
 - Lecture fee: Negotiable

Please contact the following email address for further inquiries and requests for lecture.
     Email: hello@chiisanainochi.com

2013.09.22 Miyako-city, Iwate
Participant Artists:
Ms.Ikeda Akiko, Ms.Doikaya,
Ms.Taruishi Mako, Ms.Saeko Hirokawa,
2013.10.23 Kyoto
The lecture meeting for schoolchildren

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