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About gPrecious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquakeh

Last year, I visited the coast of Miyagi Prefecture where had been seriously damaged by the earthquake. I wanted to see the reality of the devastated area with my own eyes as well as I wanted to volunteer to help people. I helped delivering relief supplies and witnessed the pain and sadness of the disaster victims. I learned that a lot of animals and plants also fell victim of the earthquake. There were people who grieved over the death of their beloved pets as well as the death of human family members. On the other hand, I met volunteers who were taking care of stray animals whom their owners were missing.

I heard that lives of some animals were lost even though they should survive because they were not given a chance for evacuation as they were ganimalsh.
A pet owner went to a school where was an evacuation center with his dog. He was told that dogs could not enter the school building, so he leashed his dog downstairs. There were many other dogs leashed. A few minutes later, all dogs were engulfed by the great Tsunami.

I also have pets who are a valuable part of my family. I was so shocked when I heard the story. I believe that many human lives and animal lives lost by Tsunami have the same precious values for people who are missing their lost lives.

In the exhibition of gPrecious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquakeh, I wish to connect the hearts of those lost pets with their pet owners by our paintings. At the same time, I would like to appeal to hearts of many people that all lives are equally precious and there are many lives to be saved by each of our intention.

Usa, the Representative of gPrecious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquakeh

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