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@ Letter from the Victim of the Earthquake in December, 2011

Our family of six was living in Rikuzentakata City until that day, March 11.

We were living happily with a miniature-dachshund named Azuki who were almost 2 years old and just raising 3 lovable weanling puppies.

On that day, my grandfather went to an evacuation center first with Azuki. She was unbelievably rampaging to protect her puppies. I came home from work by car and pick my grandmother and 3 puppies and then evacuated to the mountain from approaching Tsunami.

It was the border between life and death.
The evacuation center where my grandfather and Azuki went was engulfed by great Tsunami and the precious 2 lives were gone forever. The body of my grandfather was found, but we could not find Azuki.

They might be saved when they evacuated to another placec
It is a permanent regret.
The regret and shock from the earthquake might affect my grandmotherfs health; she faced a recurrence of cancer.
She painfully passed away last month like following grandfather
She called gAzuki, Azukih when she was delirious, because she loved Azuki so much.

Our family who lost the lives of 2 persons and 1 dog are living with Azukifs puppies, in remembrance of her.
It is very hard to move on, bur we will save the precious lives they left to us.

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