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Title Chato chan
place Sendaishi
Painter Okubo Hiroaki
Title The dogs and cats which passed away by the earthquake disaster
place Sendaishi
Painter Oku Katsumi
Title Raru chan
place Onagawachou
Painter Matsuyama Keiko
Title A-chan
place Onagawachou
Painter Hamada Keiko
Title Look chan
place Kesennumashi
Painter Yamamoto Yuji
Title May chan
place Kesennumashi
Painter Hoshino Hiromi
Title Ailu chan
place Higashimatsushimashi
Painter Tanimura Akane
Title All lives of all
place Higashimatsushimashi
Painter Muroi satoko
Title Ten chan,Mac chan,Mi-ko chan,
Aniki chan,Yume chan
place Otsuchichou
Painter Nagamori Ayako

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