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B Letter from the Victim of the Earthquake in December, 2011

I got an announcement of application for gPrecious Little Lives Lost in the Earthquakeh. I would like to apply for it as our family had a little life, too.

The name was Daibutsu and we called him Dai-chan.
We lost a turtle and from our loneliness, we had a new turtle as a family.
Dai-chan was Red-eared Slider and almost 2 years old.
When I placed him on my palm and tried to hold, my fingers did not touch each other because he grew up bigger.
He was bright green when he was little, but his color became adultfs one even though he was still small.

The reason of his name was that his face looked like Daibutsu (big Buddha). He made a sulky face when we first met.
He liked a narrow space.
He often broke out of aquarium which was two times his size and got our family in trouble.
He also liked a high place and climbed our shoulder and head.
We put him in a shopping basket or linen basket and fenced by books and magazines.
He basked in the sun with Grandmother at a passage during daytime.

At the last moment,
we evacuated to higher place by car with him in a linen basket, however, the place was engulfed by the first Tsunami.

House, car, family,
and a little life, too.

Thank you for drawing.

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